Nokia 7.3 is coming in September

Nokia 7.2 is a nice device, definitely a much-needed upgrade from Nokia 7.1. But, its specs were a bit ruined by the well-performing, but aged SD660 processor. Many Nokia aficionados weren’t satisfied with the choice of hardware, and many are looking already for the next version of the device. Nokia 7.3, as many expect the next version will be called, is planned for Q3 2020 announcement so far. The announcement event is scheduled for September according to the source that again confirmed that Nokia 9 is still scheduled for Q4. The exact date is still not fixed since that is affected by the development of the whole COVID-19 pandemic situation.
If everything goes as Nokia Mobile is planning, then IFA could again be the event where the next Nokia 7 is going to be announced. IFA is scheduled for September 4th, and the organizers are still planing for the event to take place on the set date.

Currently, there is no info about the new Nokia 6, but if everything goes as planned, the next Nokia 7 is coming in September. This phone has a potential for great sales results, and to launch it in September would be a good decision since folks could consider it as a holiday purchase. But, if SARC-CoV-2 changes the plans, late November announcement together with the new Nokia 9 PV and the immediate availability, for example, could also be a good decision.

Do share your thought on this? Also, do share your ideas about what kind of hardware should Nokia 7.3 incorporate?