The announcement of the next Nokia 9 moved to late Q4 2020

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is slowing things down in the smartphone business, but the world is still moving. Just recently, Nokia 5.3 got certified by BT SIG, and that phone should show up on various markets in May. But, everyone is waiting for the phone that Daniel Craig is holding in its latest James Bond movie, and Daniel Craig probably wants to see the next Nokia 9. The best that Nokia Mobile has to offer has been put to a hold, first because of the hardware upgrade to the latest processor, and now because of the COVID-19 disease.

According to a source from Nokia Mobile, the announcement for the next version of the Nokia 9 has been postponed to late Q4 2020. The source couldn’t specify the exact date of the announcement since it is probably too early even for the company to decide how things are going to develop, but late Q4 does suggest the end of November or December.

It is always risky to push new devices in December, especially if the device won’t be available immediately after the announcement, at least online. This timeframe does offer Nokiamobile to sort things out with the device or tune its software to make the next Nokia 9 fight fairly with Huawei P40 Pro and Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra.

Coronavirus situation shook the world pretty well, and some businesses like Slush are even postponing the November events, which could be a reasonable decision if the virus stays in the population over summer. Hopefully, the summer sun will help to stop the virus from reaching Autumn, and the world will start functioning in a new and more reasonable way.

Till some new info pops up, stay at home, exercise regularly, or leave your comments below.