Nokia extended its 5G AirScale portfolio with new hardware and software solutions

Nokia announced a new 5G Airscale hardware and software solutions to help operators transfer more efficiently to the new 5G networks. New AirScale hardware includes compact dual and triple-band remote radio heads that support cell site deployment requirements. New high-performance massive MIMO adaptive antennas will be able to deliver better 5G coverage and will be able to provide a high capacity network.

Nokia also released a software upgrade to its current DSS solution that goes now beyond 4G-5G and also includes dynamic sharing between 2G, 3G and 4G technologies which will enable a smooth transition towards 5G deployments. The 4G–5G DSS feature automatically co-ordinates the spectrum usage between 4G and 5G, helping them reuse existing 4G radio networks and speed up 5G rollouts.
Nokia announced the Nokia AirScale All-in-Cloud base station which is able to virtualize real-time baseband and put the baseband processing power at the edge of the network to meet extremely low-latency requirements, boosting the efficiency of the network. This All-In-Cloud base station is supported by Nokia’s ReefShark chipset. This cloud solution brings more flexibility to the decomposition of RAN into a service-based architecture.
To find out more about the new updates of Nokia’s AirScale portfolio, the dedicated AirScale webpages.


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