Nokiamob is an 8-year old blog!

The whole world is locked in their homes now, for the better of those that need our attention the most in these difficult times, but the world of internet is free, and it got an 8-year-old blog running all around its servers. Nokiamob is 8 years old today.

 You might be wondering if I’m really that much into this whole project and that every year I get a proper birthday cake for the little Nokiamob? Well, my wife would give a perfect answer to this, which is probably not for everyone’s eyes, but the answer is no. It is following the birthday of a very special 8-year old that you might know from the picture below.

Anyways, everything started back in 2012 when Nokia’s devices and services were trying to fight off the attacks of Android and iPhone devices that were eating up the Nokia’s Symbian dominance. Nokia gave a quite good answer to the Android and iPhone devices, but the media didn’t like it for some reason, and I just started Nokiamob, to say how things are about the Nokia brand and ecosystem, to offer the god, the bad, and the ugly of the Nokia world. The goal was to restore its glory, which was an ambitious undertaking, but it was a goal I set, and here we are today, going global and celebrating the 8th birthday. 

Nokiamob was written in Croatian at the very beginning, but Stipe and I always wanted to spread our wings a bit, and that finally happened three years ago when was born. Also, the announcement of Nokia N1, Z Launcher, and the acquisition of Withings did give us an additional thrust to fire things up.

The number of readers was growing fast, and 2019 was finished with over 3.7 million unique readers and over 5 million sessions. This was a remarkable achievement, not by the blog, but by the people that gave us the trust, and by the Nokia community that is still out there and feeling strong. Just last month over 300K visitors came to check out the stories coming from the Nokia and ex-Nokia world, says WordPress.

Google is showing us that there are 229K of our readers that generated close to 400K of sessions and over a million page views. Thank you guys for that, and I bet you can score even better in the next month :). Google did change the algorithm and favors bigger sites in search results as they are deemed more “reputable”, but so is NokiaMob which is standing strong thanks to the growing community.

Most people coming to this webspace is between 25 and 34 years old. The second age group is owned by young folks between 18 and 24, and the third-largest group is the people between 35 and 44. I’m happy to say that we have representatives from all these age groups :).

Nokiamob is dominated by the male population, and the more beautiful gender is represented by just 15%. C’mon ladies, I believe that there are more of you out there.

Nokiamob is now covering a lot of topics, from the Nokia and the ex-Nokia world. The true Nokia is in our center, and the center of many, but a lot of attention is drawn by the Nokia Mobile, or HMD Global, which is a startup made of ex-Nokians that had an idea of bringing Nokia brand back to the smartphone business. I thank them for all the support they showed us in the past years and I wish that our good relationship continues in the future for the good of Nokia brand and people that are still proudly wearing it in their hands and pockets.

I would also wish to thank Nokia for all their love and support they showed in the past years. That place is full of wonderful people that are willing to help every time we ask for something, and I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart. I must say thanks to HERE Maps, Withings, and Jolla, which are also helping us by sharing news and sending new products for a test.


If you check our About Us page you’ll see the brief history and the members of Nokiamob, but I (Marin) started this journey back in 2012, and Stipe joined shortly after to make this blog as good as it is now. Our Croatian team changed a bit (thank you Zlatko and Milorad for the time and help), but our international time got some reinforcements just recently as you might have noticed. I and super glad that these guys, J.K. and Indranil, true experts in the scope of this blog, are here and that they are willing to give their time and knowledge to make the blog a better place for all of us.

You might have noticed that this blog has another special member, and that is you, dear readers since without you this wouldn’t have any meaning. Your comments, exchange of thoughts and sights are enriching this place, and you are shaping this blog every time you type the web address into your browsers.

We all are here humbled and thankful by the time you save for reading what we are writing or trying to express. We owe our existence to great guys, our dear friends from who generously gave this blog home at their server when we were thinking of shutting this operation down almost 4 years ago. The server space got really expensive, and since we are not on the payroll or sponsored, this whole journey was really endangered by all the expenses a blog needs to stay afloat. Our writers are doing this from their pure love of Nokia or the smartphone industry and what it represents.

Every year I get a bit emotional with all these birthday posts, but the emotions as tricky as they can get, are driving us so thank you, dear people. You all rock, where ever you are! Stay safe, stay loved, stay mobile with your Nokia or other devices that are probably powered by some Nokia tech 🙂

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