Nokia 8.3 5G, 5.3 and 1.3 on pre-orders in the UK

UK retailer Clove started taking pre-orders for the newly announced Nokia smartphones. The device aren’t in stock right now, but are expected to arrive from this month to July, depending on the phone you are interested in.

The phone that might arrive the soonest to UK customers is the Nokia 1.3. Clove is offering the device for shy of 80 pounds (91 euro, 99 dollars, 7,570 rupees) with a delivery date set to 16th April. The Nokia 5.3 (4GB/64GB) is at 149.99 GBP (170 euro, 186 dollars, 14,192 rupees) with a delivery date set in early May.

Nokia 8.3 5G is officially set to arrive sometime during Summer. Clove says they expect the device to be available in July 2020. The pre-order price for the Nokia 8.3 5G is set at 499 GBP (569 euro, 622 dollars, 47,340 INR). This price is slightly less than the set global price of 599 euro.

Clove: Nokia 1.3, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 8.3 5G