#Nokia and #UAE to pave the road for safe and secure usage of #drones


Drones are definitely a hit of this decade and since they are becoming cheaper with every year, lots of people are able to buy them, and fly them. This could present a problem in upcoming years since the sky could be full of drones, especially in the areas where they could cause problems (airports, densely populated areas…). Nokia is pretty much involved in the drone business in a way that they are trying to allow the operation of drones safe and secure and done in managed environment.

Nokia signed a strategic deal with UAE that will make this country the world’s first to allow UAS usage in safe and secure environment and embrace drone technology as part of smart city operations.

Nokia and UAE are going to develop a end-to-end system, which will support regular commercial use of an unmanned aerial system (UAS) in the UAE. Also they will develop end-to-end ecosystem to support Nokia’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Traffic Management concept that will give GCAA ability to track and manage all UAS in UAE airspace, supporting use of automated drones for both commercial and government applications.

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