Rumor: This is how Nokia DoctorStrange (Nokia 3.4) will look like

Nokia Mobile usually starts the new design looks with the affordable smartphones model lines like 2, 3, or 4. This year Nokia mobile is planning on announcing a new Nokia 2 and Nokia 3, which are probably going to bring that refreshed design that will be applied throughout the portfolio. Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 3.4 could be the first models announced, and the announcement should happen in the following month even though the dates are not yet known. From previous leaks, Nokia Wolverine could be the code name for Nokia 2.4, while Nokia Doctor Strange could then be tied to Nokia 3.4.

According to Hikari Calyx’s latest tweet, the looks of Nokia Doctor Strange (Nokia 3.4?) are known thanks to the strange request sent to him. Hikari soon created the render of the new device Nokia Mobile is ready to announce. The render is based on an actual photo he can’t publish due to safety reasons. The phone apparently has a punch-hole screen, and the back cover design together with the camera module is similar to C5 Endi. The texture of the back cover is similar to Nokia 2.3.
The punch-hole LCD is nothing new for Nokia Mobile since we saw it on X71, but it is strange to see it in Nokia 3 lineup. However, this is a welcomed move that could help the sales because a hole-punch display looks kind of cool. The design of Doctor Strange is already seen in C5 Endi, which could suggest that this smartphone is most probably developed by ODM based on the instructions from Nokia Mobile.

Maybe the same ODM is using Nokia Mobile’s template to create other phones like AT&T RADIANT Max, which resembled Nokia C5 Endi and has the same internal components.
Anyway, Juho Sarvikas did say that Nokia Mobile is now focused on low- end mid-range Nokia smartphones, so this might mean that classes of Nokia phones will be looking more pimped up.

The phone does look nice, surely better than the last model of the Nokia 3. What do you think of it? Do share your thoughts in the comments.