GACHA operating normally on bad weather conditions at Nokia campus

In Finland, the first day of spring looks like the last three months of winter, but that didn’t stop GACHA from running around the Nokia campus. If you don’t remember GACHA, it is an autonomous shuttle bus that is operating in Nokia’s campus thanks to the constant connectivity over low latency 5G networks. Nokia’s campus is a part of a 5G ecosystem project called LuxTurrim, where Nokia is one of the partners working on creating the smartest neighborhood in Espoo.

Nokia’s president of networks Tommi Uitto took a ride with GACHA on a snowy and windy day and survived. Do check the video and see GACHA in action.
One thing that worries me with the is autonomous shuttle bus is its speed. Those busses will probably be faster if they get on a road, but I saw my life running away faster than GACHA was stopping at the station. Kudos do go for the precision.