Self-driving shuttle bus GACHA pilot program now live at Nokia campus

Sensible4 announced that the self-driving shuttle bus GACHA is ready to take the passengers passing through Nokia campus in Espoo. GACHA is autonomous shuttle bus intended for everyday use and all weather conditions. It will be operating in Kera, and pick up passengers from Tuesday to Thursday between 10 and 14. There will be three main stations on the 1.5 km long route. First is at Karaportti 3, second at Karakaari 18, and third at Karapellontie 11. The ride is free of charge.

The Nokia Campus is first to test this self-driving bus since GACHA is putting to test Nokia’s latest 5G technology which the bus is using. Check the short video from the announcement day of the project.

If you are close by, take the ride and tell us how it was. If you get a chance, take the photo and leave it in the comment section :).