GDPR compliance: See and delete your data stored by HMD

As many companies operating in the EU or having clients from EU know, the European Union has the strongest consumer protection and privacy laws most likely in the world. The recent major privacy act is the General Data Protection Regulation or shorter GDPR, that basically request of companies that store data of EU citizens to ask for permisson and make all data they have on a user available for review.

HMD Global also allows all their customers to see what user dana the company stores and they give an option to delete all what “HMD has on you”. The process is really simple. You go to this link HERE. Enter the email you used to First sign in on your device and wait for an email by HMD with a link. Click on the link and you land on a page that gives you the option to review your data and delete all data.

I tested it for myself, and HMD basically stores IMEI, operator name, registration IP, the location where you activated the device, different timestamps etc. I didn’t find any info about my contacts, messages or social media profiles – just the link to my Google+ profile, that I don’t use and have to have because of YouTube.

Source: GDPR HMD Global

Via: NokiaCamp