Flipkart teasing with new dimension of Nokia Smart TV

Nokia’s name came back on TVs by using the model from the phone business. The main partner responsible for the manufacturing and sales of Nokia smart TV is Flipkart which tested the business model by launching Motorola smart TV first. The 55 inches large Nokia Smart TV that also connected Nokia and JBL again look like a good product, and customer reviews also suggest that. The only bad thing about this product is its exclusivity for the Indian market. Now Flipkart is planning on introducing another size of the Nokia Smart TV.

This information was teased on Flipkart’s Twitter account, but no further information was given. I don’t believe that the size of the screen will go down since the current trend in that industry is super large screens. While a 55-inch screen sounds good, the further diversification of the offer could be smart, and Flipkart might be offering smaller and larger Nokia TVs next to the 55-inch one.
Anyone here bought a Nokia Smart TV? We tried to get it for a review but that is still not possible :).


Cheers Nokiamob Lover for the tip 😉