Nokia 5.3 is coming with a Macro camera?!

After all the wide, telephoto, and periscope cameras, the latest addition to 2020 smartphones is a dedicated macro camera. Good old Lumia phones used to do nice macro shots, but that aspect of photography was a bit neglected in the past few years, not only on Nokia phones. But, as Xiaomi and Huawei are bringing the macro shot back to life, so is Nokia Mobile with Nokia 5.3.


New photos of this midrange Nokia device that is being given a small role in the latest Bond movie emerged. The photos are probably coming from a short video commercial that the new 00 agent did for Nokia Mobile to promote the latest Nokia phone. On one of the photos, you can see the camera app UI that shows the preset shooting modes, and next to ultra wide and regular shot, one is for Macro photography. There are four cameras in the camera module, and one could be dedicated just for shooting macro photos. The same photo also shows the macro shot taken by Nokia 5.3 and it looks OK, but since this is a movie, it is probably being taken with a DSLR :).


The released photos also revealed that Nokia 5.3 is coming with a dedicated Google Assistant button, a SIM door just above it, 3.5 mm headphone jack on top, and that it has nicely curved back. I must say that the phone looks stunning in a Forrest green color, and after the cyan color of the Nokia N9, this one could be my second favorite color.
The video will be published on March 8, and it will be interesting to see it live since this is a big commercial undertaking after a long time. Good job Nokia Mobile!


Source Reddit