New Nokia Camera update reveals references to Pro mode and new devices (8.0210.20)

Watermark logos of different Nokia devices found inside the camera app apk (excluding the blue Nokia logo)

HMD Global silently released a new update for their Nokia Camera application on Nokia 5 Oreo Beta. I noticed today that the app version changed from 8.0200.20 to 8.0210.20, but no visible changes in the app can be seen. I guess the update was triggered by the V5.160 update for Nokia 5 with Oreo Beta that was released during Christams. Our Nokia 6 running Android Oreo Beta did not receive this update, so I guess it is just for Nokia 5 at the moment.

After digging a little through the apk file, I stumbled across .png files (images) that were named after different announced and unannounced Nokia Devices, with the content of image being their logo. Images with logo of Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 4, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 7, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 are present in the files inside the Nokia camera application. I don’t Know for sure what is the purpose of, what it seems to be, logos of devices inside the camera app, but my first guess is for the watermark option that automatically displays the name of the device on which the photo was taken. The list is interesting because we know that Nokia 4 could easily never exist, because 4 is perceived as an unlucky number in some Asian cultures. Also, we had just one rumor (from Eldar Murtazin) about Nokia 1, and this is first time we ever hear something about a “Nokia 7 Plus”.

Watermark example on Nokia 5

This list surely is credible because it was found inside the official camera app APK file, but we still should take it with a pinch of salt. Manufacturers often cancel or postpone their devices, so I wouldn’t be 100% sure that we will see Nokia 4 or 7 Plus soon, but if is there, HMD surely plans to do something with these numbers. One idea could be that a possible Nokia 4 won’t be available in Asia, and the Nokia 7 Plus could be an improved Nokia 7 for global launch, while the Nokia 1 and 9 fit the naming scheme HMD started perfectly.

Additionally, some files that reference “Pro mode” exist inside the APK, too. I don’t know if HMD by “pro mode” means the “manual” mode already present in the camera app or a real pro mode like we had on the Nokia Lumia camera app. A file called “pro mode tutorial” suggest that HMD is creating a tutorial to teach users how to use the Pro mode, which means a real pro mode is most likely coming to the camera app. HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas said a few times that HMD is working on an (bigger) update for the Nokia Camera application on Android devices.

I also noticed, going through the APK, a lot of “alpha” mentions in different file names, meaning that HMD is actively developing new features for the app. My guess is that we will see the new app on the next product announcement HMD plans, and that could be early next year. If you’re interested in downloading the Nokia Camera app apk in version 8.0210.20, you can do it (on your own risk, because it doesn’t work (great) an all devices) by clicking here.

Love exploring the Camera app apk, because last time it showed us the telephoto and other options. 🙂