Nokia: Real-time video applications and analytics benefit from 5G networks

The advantage of new 5G networks is definitely in the high-speed data flow that will enable low latency and faster communication between devices. Also, the high-speed internet will enable the share of high-quality video in real-time. That means we’ll be able to place cameras on places where we wouldn’t normally or couldn’t a few years ago and get a high-quality video stream. Nokia published a nice, comprehensive video that shows how will 5G networks enable the use of visual intelligence to find some new business opportunities. So, by using good quality video and some software analytics, we could have safer roads or optimized businesses. Find out more about it here.

Man, Nokia’s MWC2020 booth must have been awesome, full of new hardware and software solutions. Ah well, we are already making plans for the next MWC :).

Thanks Deadpool for the tip 😉

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