Nokia 7.1 having software problems with the Android 10 update

Stock Android might seem like a good thing since it is not burdened by the heavy software manufacturers are using to further diversify their phones, but most of the smartphone users just don’t care about it. People want software that is simply going to work, and stock Android should be the clean and stable OS to power their phones.

Well, that might sound right, but the reality is usually different and depends on the capability of the manufacturer to adapt stock Android to its hardware. Nokia 7.2 wasn’t working so well on Pie, and with the latest Build, the phone was somewhat usable. Even though it is running stock Android and is part of the Android ONE, the platform that should be getting the new updates the quickest, you see that the Android 10 is not yet available for it. I guess we can blame the specific camera adjustments Nokia Mobile did when it launched a triple camera system on a chipset that doesn’t support that officially. Or we can blame the overload of the small startup that HMD Global is.

On the other hand, older and simpler Nokia 7.1 is already on Android 10, but things aren’t the best in that software heaven. Users are reporting that their phone has multiple bugs and software issues. The phone is often crashing, losing WiFi connection, calls are distorted, battery life is poor, and audio also isn’t performing well. PiunikaWeb collected all the bugs in their article, with the purpose to speed up the repairs.

Anyway, these software issues are showing whether you are running stock or bloated Android, the most crucial thing is to have it supported by developers, and Nokia Mobile needs to work on that. There are currently 30 Nokia models, and while monthly security updates might seem like fun (unlike your Windows PC updates), stable software builds are more important. With that number of devices out in the market, it is normal to expect the updates are late, but the owners expect quick solutions for the device there are using and that creates frustrations.

The best would be to strongly obey the promised deadline for the software updates, and communicate with the users since Nokia is here to connect us all.

Do tell us how is your Nokia 7.1 working? What problems have you noticed, or you just did a hard reset of your phone and it’s working well now?


Cheers MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for the tip 😉