The Indian Express did a nice interview with Miika Mahonen

The Indian Express interviewed HMD’s principal designer Miika Mahonen. Miika was born and raised in Finland, and his designer skills polished at the Academy of Art which is part of the University of San Francisco. He was working for Samsung and other brands, and now he is settled in China where he is designing some of the latest Nokia phones like Nokia 2.3 and others. In the interview, he nicely described the whole production process of a phone, and also explained how important the designers are in the whole process. Miika also revealed that in the early stages of the production process they are searching for ideas that consumers are sharing with them. He didn’t reveal much, or anything about the future Nokia devices, especially those we are expecting to see on MWC2020, but he did say that Nokia Mobile is developing multiple prototype devices, among which are foldable devices and 5G devices. He did mention that the design of a 5G device requires a new type of antenna and that makes the process hard. He also mentioned that it is great to work on the recreation of some old Nokia phones where he can give them some modern technologies, and he is a fan of Lumia designs. He still owns Nokia 1020 which is his favorite Nokia smartphone.
The interview is nicely done and gives you the background on Nokia Mobile’s principal designer. I recommend reading it at the Indian Express pages.

Thanks, NokiaMob Lover for the tip ?