Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 6.1 receiving new security updates

The next Nokia smartphones to get the monthly security patch are Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 6.1. While Nokia 3.4 is still being late with the updates and just received one for March, Nokia 6.1 is doing much better and got updated with April security patch.

The update for Nokia 6.1 is 28.38 MB large and should be available all around the world. The update for Nokia 3.4 has 40.71 MB of security patches and is available for our 3.4, and definitely in the UK.

So, stop fulling around with your Nokia 6.1 and 3.4 and check if the update is available. If it is, make your phone safe, secure and up to date so you can still trust it, love it and keep it safe 🙂


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