Nokia Mobile using LG displays for its phones

LG phones might not be popular these days, but the displays that this company is producing are currently among the best in the mobile phone industry.Apparently, Nokia Mobile is getting smartphone displays from LG according to Nokia Anew, a reliable source about all things Nokia. Those displays might not be the most affordable, but their quality is better than many others on the market. One of the strongest points of Nokia smartphones are the displays used, and having LG as a supplier is probably great. But, that is the point where I experienced issues with my Nokia smartphones. Both Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 7.2 have problems with faulty or burned pixels. Here is the 7 Plus problem. Also, the unit I got had a problem with the oleophobic layer that was removed in one part of the display (but that is another problem). The white dot is the dead pixel.

Check how the display of my Nokia 7.2 looks like now. It is not a feature ?.

So, I am glad that Nokia Mobile is using good quality displays, but the control of those should be better. Do you guys have similar problems? Share the photo in the comments if you do.


Cheers MichaelsoftSirFaceFone for the tip 😉