Nokia 2 has up to 56 days standby time + differences between model numbers

HMD designed Nokia 2 as a device that will help transition millions of Nokia feature phone users to Nokia Android smartphones. A feature that Nokia (and other) feature phones have, that the smartphones (mostly) lack, is the amazing battery life of several days, if not more than a week. Thus, HMD decided to equip Nokia 2 with a huge 4100mAh battery, coupled with underpowered specifications to keep the price as low as possible.

Thanks to the data sheet Nokia Mobile sent to the press, we now know more interesting facts about the battery life and the differences between various models, designated for different markets.

I’m a little angry at HMD for not mentioning this at the announcement or on the official web page, but Nokia 2 scored an amazing (up to) 1340 hours in standby mode, which translates into almost 58 days of standy time. This basically means, if you charge a Nokia 2 (LTE, Single SIM) to 100% and leave the device in a drawer, it will survive almost 2 months without a need to recharge. In comparison, the standby time of Nokia 3310 is 31 days.

Other measures show the 4100mAh battery will endure 19 hours of talking, 139 hours of music playback or 14 hours of video playback. Truly amazing battery life achieved in the lab. HMD’s statement about “2 days of battery life” is based on real life testing by HMD employees, reveals the sheet. Meaning the battery life for consumers could be much greater.

The sheet also shows the differences between models designated for various markets. Thanks to FCC database and the sheet, we made the following table.

Check the full data sheets down below.

All in all, the 2, thanks to its attractive looks, price and battery could attract a lot of feature phone users, and others who want a smartphone with a great battery for a secondary device. Again, it’s a shame HMD didn’t emphasize the standby time in the official announcements or mentioned it on their website. After all, it’s something they can brag about on the Nokia 2.

You can learn more about Nokia 2 here or visit the official Nokia site here.

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