Nokia X6 and Nokia X5 won’t be getting Android 10 so soon

Photo: Nokibar (X6 and X5)

While the owners of Nokia 6.1 Plus are enjoying the latest Android version, the users of practically the same phone but aimed for the Chinese market won’t be that lucky. Hikari Calyx tweeted that the owners of the Nokia X6 won’t be getting the latest Android 10 update so soon. The reason lies in the dismissal of the Chinese localisation team due to a lack of funds. The good news is that Nokia Mobile is already looking for a new provider, according to Calyx.

Anyway, all the Chinese Nokia models eligible for the latest Android 10 update will be on a waiting list for now, but luckily the Nokia X5 and X6 can be converted to a Global version or the Nokia 5.1 Plus and 6.1 Plus, and therefore get the Android 10 update. The problem remains with X71, which can not be converted to a global version since that phone is exclusive for the Chinese market.