Android 11 bricking Android One’s Xiaomi Mi A3

That Android One program is falling apart was clear to everyone when Xiaomi announced it won’t be launching new phones for it. Android One program was designed for manufacturers to quickly get the latest and clean version of Android OS for their devices. Also, the purpose of the program was for manufacturers not to worry much about the updates that bring security patches. The only relevant player left in the program now is Nokia Mobile with its Nokia devices, but things are not looking well. While monthly security patches are pretty much still arriving on a regular schedule, the larger and more meaningful updates are already late.

We are seeing that Nokia Mobile markets the latest Android One devices as Android 11 ready instead of shipping them with the latest OS version on the market. The reason for that might be in the bugginess of the update, so it is better to wait till Android 11 matures a bit. Xiaomi started to release the latest Android for its Xiaomi Mi A3 device, and things are not good at all. Users report that the device is getting bricked and unresponsive after the installation, even if put on the charger. There is no much info about what is causing the problem since the update is just being released, but apparently Xiaomi is aware of the problem and is working on a solution.

Nokia Mobile is working on the Android 11 update for its smartphones, or currently, just Nokia 8.3 5G since Geekbench results of 8.3 5G with Android 11 can be found, but the exact release date is still not being announced. According to the update release roadmap, Android 11 should be coming to Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 5.3 at the beginning of Q1 2021. Maybe it is better to test it thoroughly before it is released since Nokia 8.3 5G does have a few bugs already (proximity sensor not working well for example) that need to be addressed.

Also, Google might rethink the whole Android One program because if the devices inside that club are not the first to get the latest updates, then what is the purpose of it.