Nokia TA-1207 passed the BT SIG certification

New Nokia affordable smartphone TA-1207 got the verified by BT SIG. The hardware number 89572_1_12 revealed it is model TA-1207, and the Android version is also the same (000T_0_110), as seen in the FCC documents released earlier. The documents released at BT SIG website also confirmed that TA-1207 will definitely be the entry-level smartphone since it is coming with BT 4.2.

There is a lot of speculation about what series this new entry smartphone will be part of. A guess that this phone could be a Nokia 1.3 seems reasonable, especially when the dimensions are similar to the latest series 1 phone. Nokia Mobile likes to announce low-end devices next to their midrange or high-end devices, so this one could easily be seen at the MWC2020 announcement event. So, for now, we can speculate that at MWC2020 we could see an affordable flagship or Nokia 8.2, one entry-level device like Nokia 1.3 and a new Nokia Original series phone.

BT Sig