OZO Audio (re)moved from the Nokia webpage

Nokia OZO was, and probably still is, one of the best 360 cameras at the market. The camera was quite expensive, and probably not the best money maker, but it offered many new products that Nokia used well. While the Nokia OZO camera is still living in our header logo, Nokia stopped its production and used its name for Audio solutions that followed the camera. Nokia OZO Audio was fist utilized on Nokia phones, and then it came to Oppo Reno, and even on Axon portable camera. Lately, I haven’t been hearing a lot about OZO Audio and just noticed that the official Nokia OZO webpage isn’t even included on the Nokia pages. It is still there as ozo.nokia.com, but not mentioned under consumer products as phones, WiFi or Smart TV.

OZO has great potential, but it seems a bit unused, or not used enough. OZO Audio is still vital for sound recording on Nokia phones and can be found on Oppo Reno phone, but other than that Nokia didn’t manage to spread it far. Notorious DXOMark started giving scores for audio but didn’t test any smartphone that is coming with OZO Audio.

I don’t know what is going on with OZO, maybe Nokia wants to set it free. We’ll update the post when we get more details from the Finns.