Google is removing Face Unlock feature with the Android 10 update

Photo: XDA

If you are one of a few people that are using the Face Unlock feature on Nokia device, well you better start adjusting to using the fingerprint reader again. Because of security considerations, Google’s Face Unlock feature has been removed with the Android 10 update. This information has been confirmed by many users of Nokia 6.1 Plus, and Nokia Mobile India on its Twitter account.

While the removal of software features is always bad, this is the one that definitely won’t be missed by many folks. It is slow, usually not working well, especially if you are using sunglasses, and because of that, it wasn’t the favorite feature on the latest Nokia phones. I tried it with the Nokia 7.2 but stopped using it very soon.

It’s also important to point out that the removed feature is something Google called “Trusted Face”. Nokia Mobile has a proprietary face unlock system for devices announced in 2019, so with Android 10 the latest devices should still offer that feature.

What are your experiences with the Face Unlock? Are you even using it?