New Nokia models TA-1576 and TA-1582 certified

Nokia C12

Two new Nokia smartphones, possibly feature phones, have passed the certification process by the Element Materials Technology (EMC) agency and the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The new phones are TA-1576 and TA-1582 which could easily be some entry-level smartphones or smartphones since TA-1583 is dedicated to Nokia C12 Plus.

Nokia 110

Model numbers cannot normally be used as a source of information, as two numbers close together can mean that one device is a feature phone and another is a smartphone. Not much is revealed by the published certificate documents, except that both have 4G connectivity. The certificate also shows that the models can be charged with 2.75 W, as indicated by the 5 V DC and 0.55 A specifications.

So it seems that Nokia Mobile could launch some affordable C-series phones, perhaps the Nokia C12 or C02, which are interesting phones since they cost like (or a little bit more) a Nokia KaiOS phone but offer some smartphone features thanks to the Android 13 GO edition.

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