Updated timeline of released Nokia smartphones

A loyal and diligent Nokia Redditor created a new Nokia Lineup chart that shows all the Nokia smartphones released from the start of the operation Nokia Mobile. You can see that Nokia Mobile was quite productive in the past three years and launched 31 smartphones, but not all were globally available. The series transition lines were not added in this graph, but maybe some of you can do that.

I like the lineup, but when you place all the phones released on a scatter plot and ad a trendline to it, you can see that it is negative and that low-end smartphones are dominating. It would be interesting to create the same scatter plot for other manufacturers, but the point here is that the trendline could be leveled up by launching some more high-end phones.

Nokia Mobile did try to do that by creating cheaper versions of an upper midrange class phones, but that is still not enough to make the trendline positive. Flagship models are usually those that are attracting the masses and making the brand powerful. But, Nokia Mobile is run by HMD Global which is a startup with limited funds, and it wouldn’t be fair to compare them with bigger and more powerful manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, or Oppo.

Anyway, we are expecting a new Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 which should make some changes, but next year a new bunch of low and midrange phones is coming so the trendline could remain negative. I didn’t add here models for Chinese and US markets, but that wouldn’t change the trendline a lot. Maybe they could be skipping some low-end models for next year, but then again, this graph probably explains well which models are making the biggest profit for Nokia Mobile and thus keeping this operation alive.