#Nokia 8 could really come with #OZO Audio, but could it also be waterproof?!

Back in April, a rumor started circulating the web that an upcoming Nokia flagship could feature OZO Audio. OZO Audio is the name of a group of enhancements and technologies used to capture spatial audio on the OZO VR camera. When building their first VR camera, Nokia decided that it is not enough to just capture the video in all directions, but the audio must follow as well. The big deal with OZO Audio is that it captures spatial audio, basically meaning that it “remembers” from which corner, when you are looking it using a VR glass, the audio came and it adapts the audio to sound as much naturally, just like you would hear it in real life.

A similar technology, that was by far the best sound capturing technology in the mobile industry, existed on some Lumia devices (1020, 1520) and was called Rich Recording. However, OZO Audio is a step forward, because it allows full 3D audio capture. How the OZO Audio Works, you can check down below. Learn more about it here.

The story about OZO Audio support on Nokia 8 or Nokia 9 was brought up again, because a high ranking HMD official teased via social media about a “mind blowing OZO Audio from an unannounced beauty.” Some might say: maybe he is talking about a new OZO product, but HMD Global is not connected with Nokia Technology, that made OZO, in a sense that they do joint OZO developments or similar. On the other hand, Nokia Technologies has “brand partners” that work with HMD on Nokia smartphones to keep everything in line with the standards.

The HMD official that shared his thoughts about OZO Audio added an airport as the current location. Testing spatial audio on an airport is ideal to show the power of capturing sound from all directions, because airports are one of the busiest places with a lot of people talking and constant flight announcements. Some lucky travelers may have even seen the Nokia 8 or 9 recording sound with OZO Audio, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t even have a clue what they were witnessing. 🙂

Next up, waterproofness. We heared few weeks ago from rumors that Nokia 9 could be waterproof (IP68), but not Nokia 8. A friend from Finland spotted something interesting on the leaked photos of Nokia 8 that raise the question if the 8 could be waterproof. On the leaked real-life photo of the gold-copper Nokia 8, we can notice a small rubber wrapped around on the SIM tray. My Nokia 6 with an identical SIM tray (hybrid) does not have that rubber, and isn’t declared as waterproof, even though it has an IP52 certificate.

Nokia 8 SIM tray
Nokia 6 SIM tray

Rubber in that place is usually used to protect the inner components from water, thus leading to conclusion that the 8 might be waterproof. It could be that HMD opted for the rubber to make the phone more water resistant, but with no real waterproofness (IP68).

Thanks everyone for the tip. 🙂

Nokia OZO Audio: via (LoveNokia), source (VTechgraphy)