Nokia 5.3 in a sand color also looks fantastic

When Nokia N9 was announced, all the eyes were focused on the cyan version of the device. That color was so great that Nokia used it to push the first Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800, and later Lumia 900, to the market. Anyway, since the Lumia phones, vivid colors on smartphones were turned to black once again. It took a few years to experiment a bit with more dull colors until Nokia Mobile announced Nokia 8 in the eye-catching polished copper finish. Even Huawei is using it for its P30Pro.

It is a shame we never saw those color experiments being pushed more in the stores. With the announcement of Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2, new Forrest Green or Cyan came to the stage, and I like it. Nokia 5.3 also came in cyan color, but there is another version of the Nokia 5.3 that almost got forgotten. That is Nokia 5.3 is a sand color finish which also looks cool, almost like cyan, or better than it.
There is a Nokia 5.3 review of some Chinese blogger or influencer (definitely influencer because blogger would never get all three colors of the phone for a test) that shows Nokia 5.3 in all three color versions.

The classic black Nokia 5.3 looks so lame next to the cyan and sand version. Nokia 5.3 in sand color would be a perfect phone for some younger people that would probably wear it without shame. It would be cool to see the polished copper version also.

Which one of the trio would you pick up cyan, sand or charcoal?

Cheers Thomas Verbraken for the tip 😉