Nokia 800 Tough and Nokia 2720 Flip heading to China

Nokia 800 Tough (TA-1189) and Nokia 2720 Flip (TA-1170) passed the certification process of the Chinese TENAA agency. The hardware details and the photos (not yet for 2720) are published on TENAA pages, which suggests that HMD is planning on selling these phones at that market. It will be interesting to see if the KaiOS will have all the Google options active, or have Google services enabled at all. Maybe the phones for Taiwan and Hong Kong will, and those heading to China will be coming without Google services.

Anyway, it is good to know that HMD still has the power to spread its phones around the world, but the process is taking to much time. Well, these two advanced feature phones are pretty much time-proof. If it takes a bit more time to get them to the market, proper marketing can patch the time gap between the announcement and availability on the specific market.

Check the details about the Nokia 800 Tough and Nokia 2720 Flip by clicking the given links.