Nokia 6310 2021 unboxing (KMreview)

Nokia Mobile started the Nokia phones come back with a clever approach of bringing back some popular models from the past. The first one was Nokia 3310 2017, which was rather cool when it popped up on the scene next to Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. The Nokia 8110 4G came in 2018 after it, which was followed by Nokia 2720 Flip next year and the Nokia 5310 the year after. In 2021, Nokia Mobile brought back the Nokia 6310, an iconic device that was originally announced back in 2001.


The phone was launched with Nokia XR20 and Nokia C30 but is still nowhere to be found, except in Russia, where the MKreview Yt channel managed to get one to unbox it for Nokia fans. Nokia 6310 is coming in the same box as Nokia 2720 flip or Nokia 8110, and it is bringing the basics to the market. You are getting a 2.8 LCD display, a VGA camera with a LED torch, wireless and wired FM radio, BT, and that is mostly it. It is a GSM phone, so it will probably be shipped to developing markets and in general markets where 2G is still functional.

The box is bringing you the basics, a charger, battery and standard paperwork. The unboxed 6310 is in black, but if you are lucky enough, you could get it in dark green and yellow. There is a lot of resemblance with the original, but the build and material quality of new devices are not even close to the originals since those were the best you could get, and phones announced today are quite affordable but still durable. Nokia 6310 is coming with S30+ instead of KaiOS, so there won’t be a chance to use WhatsApp, but Nokia Mobile did preinstall Snake if you want to kill some time.

Check out the unboxing video, which is in Russian.