Nokia working to end the patent dispute with Daimler

In 2019, Nokia intensified it’s pursuit in licensing the Finnish networks giants intellectual property in the automotive industry. The first car maker with which Nokia didn’t find a common language was Daimler, best known for the luxury car brand Mercedes.

Daimler, with support of other industry players like Continental and Valeo complained to the European Commission, asking the EU body to clarify how should connectivity patents be licensed in the auto industry. In early 2019, Nokia singed German car makers Audi and Porsche as licensees, presenting that as an counter-argument to Daimler’s claims that Nokia’s offer isn’t fair.

Source familiar with the matter told Reuters that Nokia submitted a proposal to end the patent dispute, something that Reuters speculates could be a pre-emptive move to stop the EC of opening an official investigation. Reuter’s source didn’t reveal more details, but another source said that the EC indicated in October that it could launch a probe into Nokia’s licensing praxis.

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