Nokia shared its licensing rate expectations for 5G/NR phones

The mobile network of the future is almost ready for the mass usage. Manufacturers of the networking equipment already started giving rate expectation for the usage of their 5G patents in the future phones. Nokia played a big role in the development of the 5G networks what resulted in a significant portfolio of standard-essential patents (SEPs) that can be monetized. This could present a substantial financial injection for Nokia that now mostly depends on 5G networks and all the incomes that 5G will bring her.

Nokia just published its price list or the licensing rate expectations for 5G/NR mobile phones. The first 5G ready phones are expected somewhere in 2019, and Nokia expects the licensing rate to be set at €3 per device. That doesn’t seem much for this huge contributor, but you gotta know that numerous other companies were involved in the development of 5G networking equipment and that manufacturers will have to license their technology if they want a 5G ready phone. The good thing about this is that Nokia is licensing all the needed SEPs so there should not be any additional increase in the licensing rate.


Thanks Hemedans for the tip 😉


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