Is there a place for Android running Nokia 2720 with three large screens?

Nokia 2720 Flip is a gorgeously designed phone, and in red looks even better. Well, I was thinking that until I saw that glossy black cover. However, I’ll have better judgement when I check the device and hold it in hands. Anyway, I like this idea of reviving old Nokia models, and the flip phone is a thing of 2019. The first time I saw 2720, I was trying to imagine if the phone could be modernized a bit more, or even turned into an Android smartphone. When the phone is closed, the front glossy part could be turned completely into a touch-sensitive screen. Nokia mobile went for a poorly used notification screen instead, but a larger screen would have more sense if it was an Android phone.

Then, when you flip it open, one could get an idea of stretching the screen fully in the upper part. Also, the control buttons and a keyboard could be replaced by another screen. That way you would get a device with three touch-sensitive screens. The bottom one could be used as a keyboard, or serve for a split-screen option when you are not typing.

Than, Moto Razr happened recently, and my idea of a foldable device with a touch screen was realized. There are some concerns with the foldable screens being sensitive, but Moto Razr looks like a better realized foldable phone.
I know that Nokia Mobile doesn’t have huge funds to manufacture a phone with a foldable screen, but they could have done it differently. For example, and Android running Nokia 2720 Flip with three touch-sensitive screens would be a cool device. OK, there would still be a huge hinge in the middle, but the device would raise some interest. Maybe a Concept creator could work out something like that just to give us an idea.

What do you think of it guys? Share your ideas.