Tech reviewers not happy with Nokia X20

After Nokia Mobile announced its latest devices, and new naming philosophy, many were surprised with what they brought after Nokia 8.3, 5.4, 3.4, 2.4  last year, and Nokia 1.4 in February 2021. A thing I noticed is the constant devaluation of the hardware specs, and by looking at the announcement event, you couldn’t hear anything about the hardware people will be paying for. Nokia Mobile orientated themselves on the experiences, but it is the hardware that powers the experiences, and hardware specs need to be mentioned properly. Our Abdulla Zaki gave a nice comment on the event, so do check it out.


But, when you check the hardware specifications of the only device which overshadowed all of the others, then it comes clear why the specs were put aside. Nokia X20 is not as bad as it comes when you check the hardware. Snapdragon 480 does bring 5G to the game making the device one of the cheapest that supports the latest network generation, and that this processor beats some SD 6XX series SoCs in the benchmarks. But the price higher than €300 for Snapdragon480, 60Hz LCD display and 5 MP ultra wide camera is a problem that might turn out to be the main challenge for good sales around the world. The device is also bringing the new chargerless retail box in the EU, which will turn many down also.

So, I tried to check for some thought spillage of some other bloggers or YouTubers, and I couldn’t find many opinionated posts, because many tech reviewers just didn’t bother to comment on the latest Nokia devices. But some popular and honest ones that did, didn’t like what they saw.

Tech Chap did a nice review of the Nokia X20, and while he said the device could be a nice choice since it brings 5G for the reasonable price, the competition is already there and brings more for the similar amount of money. There are nice Xiaomi, Poco, Redmi or realme phones that might not turn out to be durable as Nokia X20 is, but can offer a lot more for the price. The only advantage Nokia X20 has is the three years of OS updates, which might be enough for some.

Do check his review below.


Then I found the comment of GadgetsBoy on Twitter regarding the question tech Chap asked about whether you would pay €300 for X20.

TechAltar also did a nice cover comment on the Nokia’s LoveTrustKeep event and from the look of the thumbnail, he also didn’t like where this whole new marketing strategy is leading.

Do check out his video below.


The Concept Creator, a guy that is responsible for many concept videos of current and future Nokia devices, and obviously a long time Nokia aficionado, also wasn’t so happy with the latest portfolio Nokia mobile offered.

And this is as much comments from some well known and established tech persons or reviewers I could find. I can only say that I hope for a second launch this year that should finally present us what Nokia Mobile has to offer in the mid and upper price range, or at least a better marketing and presentation in future announcements. If you are making hardware, do market hardware by sharing specs and then say what you can do with it by doing some live demonstrations. That way the presentation would be more believable.