Rumour: #Nokia 3310 could land in #India in May *UPDATE: More info emerged*

We are just a few days away from the beginning of the MWC 2017 in Barcelona, and from the global come back of Nokia smart and feature phones. Regarding that, new info about the phones are emerging every day and the latest one came from India, where the source coming from dealership business revealed that the Nokia 3310 will be coming to India in May. In addition, the same source apparently has seen the device and described it as beautiful and mind blowing.

According to the source, HMD has changed the design of the legendary phone completely, and new 3310 will have a shape that is more oval. The price was not disclosed, but it could be around Rs 3000 ($44, or 42€) which could be a high price for just a basic phone in India, but fair price for Nokia phone since a lot of people is talking about, and eagerly waiting for. The only problem there could be the limited quantities since HMD isn’t going for a mass sales, but targeting specific markets to provoke the interest for the brand.

In May, HMD could also launch Nokia 6 in India, and they will not follow there the same business deal, but will offer the phone both for off-line and on-line sale instead. The Nokia 6 will be priced around Rs 19,000, which is €260, and great news is that HMD already started hiring in-shop people that will promote their devices.

The same source told that by the end of the year, HMD will present up to seven models of smart and feature phones in India. At MWC we will probably see the global version Nokia 6, and also new models, Nokia 5 and 3. Later, during the year we will see the flagship model with Snapdragon 835 processor and that could be all for the 2017. Moreover, that is pretty much enough for the return of the brand lot of people love. The sales results will offer HMD enough info about the state of the market and give them input for further development of future models.

Cheers Rce for the tip!

Source: IndianExpress

Update: 15:20 CET

VTechgraphy found out additional information about the upcoming 3310. It’s still a rumour, but an interesting one. Their source says:

  • Brand new Nokia 3310 is a feature phone , not a smartphone.

  • Its shape will continue the Nokia 3310 classic design language , but the device will be thinner and lighter.

  • Keys’ locations will be maintained, but adjusted the key size.

  • Multi-color body styles , including red, green, and yellow, and so on.

  • Display larger, and in colour.