Microsoft Continuum works on Nokia 9 PureView

I don’t know if you recollect the Continuum or Microsoft’s futuristic solution for turning a mobile phone into a portable PC.

It was a welcomed solution back in 2015 when it came together with Lumia 950 and 950 XL. But, as many hardware things Microsoft launched, it didn’t last long. Samsung tried reviving it by cooperating with Microsoft and launching DeX for Galaxy 10 and Note 10 devices. That sounds great and probably has potential, but somehow it just isn’t taking ground.

Anyway, Hikari Calyx managed to connect Continuum with the Nokia 9 PureView, and that 4 years old hardware seems to be working well with Snapdragon 835 and 845. He mentioned that this feature works well only with the high-end processors, so you shouldn’t expect it to run with still widely used Snapdragon 660.

This piece of hardware is something worth of R&D time and money. I know that computers are getting smaller and more powerful with years, but so are mobile phones. Maybe not in 2020, but in the next few years after it, phones will be ready to take the role of your personal computers. You’ll just need to be equipped with a large screen, keyboard, mouse, and a place to plug in your mobile phone to start doing things you are doing now on your computer. Nokia Mobile has more than enough problems currently, and they don’t need to worry about Continuum or Dex. But who knows, maybe they will listen and work out some kind of solution with Google and partners and give us a pocket PC.

Kudos to Hikari for making this kind of effort :). Hope he will share his plan with the Continuum.