New video from The Only Gadget You’ll Ever Need campaign is released

The premiere of a new James Bond movie might be postponed, but the premiere of new Nokia phones is still going on. Nokia Mobile joined forces with the movie production, or better say invested money in the franchise, and started the “The Only Gadget You’ll Ever Need” campaign to fire up the atmosphere before the launch event. A new teaser appeared on the same YouTube channel as the previous one, also not showing any bit of the device. Miika Mahonen showed the new Nokia device more than this campaign did, but maybe it is for the best. Do check the video below.

Anyway, this seems to be a good promotion, and I believe that the new Nokia 8.3 will suit James Bond well. Well, this is the last Daniel Craig Bond movie, and it will be a spectacle. However, the movie we all probably would like to see Nokia being featured in is Matrix 4, which is currently in production.

Cheers Nokiamob Lover for the tip 😉