Vodafone Malta and Nokia demonstrated a holographic call over 5G network

The holographs performing live is nothing new these days. Michael Jackson performed that way recently, Madonna adopted them also, and with 5G networks taking the spot of 4G, holograms will be used even more. Since 5G will make mobile networks even faster and thus give us lower latency, holographs will be used effectively for calls. We can easily say that this is Star Wars becoming a reality, hopefully, without the execution of notorious Order 66.

Vodaphone Malta did a demonstration of a holographic call we all saw in Star Wars movies on Delta Summit in Ta’ Qali. The Summit was an ideal place to show that since it is an event where digital innovations are displayed. The call was a result of a collaboration between Vodafone Malta and Nokia and was done during the live concert of Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Rockestra, and Red Electrick. While musicians were performing live, two singers Joe Roscoe and Lara Dimech, weren’t on the stage but far away in Vodafone’s HQ in Luqa. That didn’t stop them from doing a smooth performance and showing the possibilities of a 5G network.
What do you think, are we gonna be using holographic calls shortly? Can you suggest the usage scenario for holographic calls?


Cheers IA for the tip 😉