Nokia 6 2018: Unboxing, hands on, drop test, photo samples…

This morning (at least by European time), Nokia 6 2018 surfaced in its final form on the web. Yesterday, Chinese retailer Suning decided to spare us the wait and they released all the details about the Nokia 6. Today, it seems, the embargo for media was lifted and the Chinese webspace is full of photos, unboxings, nut crackings, drop tests, hands on videos and even (preliminary) reviews of the new Nokia 6. For the start, let’s take a look at the unboxing and hands on video made by Nokibar, a well-known source of all Nokia information.


Next up, Chinese websites and posted their (preliminary) reviews or hands on articles about the new Nokia 6, with a lot of photos and some camera samples, too. Take a look at the photos of the device and some comparison with the first generation Nokia 6.

Both sites also released some camera samples. In comparison shots with the Chinese variant of the 1st generation Nokia 6, the 2nd gen 6 gives photos with higher sharpness and performs better in low light. Keep in mind, the Chinese variant of the 6 produces, in overall terms, worse pictures than the global variant of the 6, so it will be interesting to see a direct camera comparison once the 6 (2018) leaves China.

Indoors sample [credit:]
Indoors sample [credit:]

I can’t really make much out of these samples, apart from the fact that the photos seem to be better than on the 1st generation, which is expected and a good thing. Next up, one Chinese reporter did a drop test of the new 6. A short version of her full hands on video follows down below. To see her full video, where she also cracks nuts with the device, follow this link here.

Videos at facebook/lovenokiablog

In my opinion, Nokia 6 2nd generation seems to be a noticeable better device than the first generation. The main downside of the first gen 6, about which many users complained, was Snadragon 430, that is now replaced with a more powerful and more efficient Snapdragon 630. I remember that a lot of users, including myself, wanted to see Type C port on the 6, and now the 6 (2018) has a type C port. Truth to be told, the device looks like the 1st gen 6, which is, to me, a good thing, because I loved the design, but the combination of accent colors on the housing moves everything to a new design level, in my opinion. The copper-black variant looks really good, but I’m personally more interested in the white-red variant that looks stunning in my eyes.

We now can only hope, for HMD’s sake, that the global variant of Nokia 6 (2018) will soon be available across the world. The device seems to be, at a €191 price point, an excellent value for money choice. The global Nokia 6 (2018) will probably be announced at MWC 2018 next month, and a soon release, like, a month from the global announcement, would surely be welcomed by a lot of fans and potential customers.

What do you think about the new 6? Tell us down below. 🙂 Also, we updated the announcement article of the new 6 with more photos and some details, so you can take a look at it here.

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