Speed test: Nokia 7.2 vs. Xiaomi Mi A3 vs Samsung Galaxy A50s

While Nokia 7.2 is gradually going on sale around the world, a lot of potential buyers might have concerns regarding the device’s performance, considering it uses the Snapdragon 660, instead of a more recently announced SoC that some competition is using.

YouTube channel Vy Vo Xuan, that brought us the speed comparison between Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 8.1, did the same thing with the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Samsung Galaxy A50s.

Xiaomi Mi A3 is an Android One device that uses the Snapdragon 665 platform. While Snapdragon 665 is supposed to replace the 660 and was announced this April, according to benchmarks, both the GPU and CPU give lower scores than the 660, but 665 is built on a 11nm process compared to 14nm on Snapdragon 660, so it theoretically delivers better battery life. Check the comparison below.


As you could see from the video, both phones are equally fast opening apps and resuming them from memory. They both are Android One devices, so this comparison in terms of the “custom UI” affecting the performance should be quite fair, with a handicap on Nokia 7.2, because it has more pixels on the screen to power (FullHD+ vs HD+ resolutions).

Next up is a comparison with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy A50s. A fun fact is that Samsung announced 16 Galaxy A devices this year, so if you think Nokia Mobile is pushing out too many phones, on what level is Samsung? Anyways, the A50s is powered by the Exynos 9611 SoC, built in a 10nm process and consisting of 4 A73 cores @2.3GHz and 4 A53 cores @1.7Ghz. Comparison follows down below.


Same as with the Mi A3, both devices perform the tasks of opening apps and resuming apps from memory identical. Vy Vo Xuan also did a short camera comparison in the video, where Nokia 7.2 seems to have a quite competitive camera as well.

The Mi A3 costs less than the Nokia 7.2, while the Galaxy A50s is more in line with the 7.2’s price point. It’s also good to note that performance in everyday tasks might be different than what we saw in the speed test, so it’s best to wait for Nokia 7.2 reviews to know more.