Video: Nokia 5.4 vs Nokia 5.3 | Is newer better?

5.3 (
5.3 in charcoal | 5.4 in dusk

Unlike the huge gap in style between the boring charcoal color and the new dusk, the Nokia 5.3 and 5.4 are a lot closer in terms of quality. This caused a lot of confusion when Nokia mobile announced the 5.4 about 6 months after the 5.3 went on sale in many regions. So the question is, which phone will suit your needs better? This video tries to answer that.

So as noted in the video, the gap between them in almost every aspect isn’t really big. The 5.4 feels more like a midlife refresh if you will, that takes some of the 5.3’s weaknesses and slightly improves them in a new package. As is the case with most phones these days, if you’re expecting night and day difference you’ll be left disappointed. But the little things do add up. The incremental improvements to the photo quality, audio quality, performance, battery life and display quality does make the 5.4 a compelling package. Now Nokia Mobile needs to fix the software stability as soon as possible.

As for the 5.3, it still puts up a fight. It still has a more premium feeling hardware, decent specs, and good balance. On equal footing (pricing) I’m personally leaning more towards the newer 5.4, but since the price of the 5.3 has dropped since launch, it can still offer something decent for a good price.

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