New Nokia phones passed BT and WiFi certification just now?

Bringing a mobile phone to the market is not an easy task. The phone needs to be tested, approved by government agencies, approved by Bluetooth, by WiFi alliance, be tested by operators, and who knows what else it needs to get before it shows up in the specific market.

New Nokia phones already started popping up for preorders in some important EU markets, but the delivery date is almost closer to the announcement of new Nokia phones than to the announcement of the latest ones. OK, I might be exaggerating a bit, and the delivery date won’t be that important for feature phones, but smartphones should be in steady position on the announcement date, with GO coming a week or so after. That is how serious players are doing it. Check Samsung and Huawei, for example. Those two were so serious about getting their foldable phone to the market that the phone broke itself was stressed so much it broke from the pressure. Note 10 was ready in a week I think, and Huawei P30 also.

Nokia Mobile is not big as Samsung and Huawei, or Xiaomi, but t had enough time to prepare and do all the necessary tests and approvals to get its phones quicker to the market. Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 just passed the BT certification, and feature phones got verified by the WiFi alliance recently. Those steps should be done much earlier since a waiting period of month or two is quite long for a person. Anyway, I’m glad that phones are showing up in online stores and hope that the delivery date will shorten up in the coming weeks. As I said at the beginning, this process is complicated, but can it be done promptly is the question? IT could help raise the sales numbers up.