Video: Demo of Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway powered by Optus

One solution to enjoy all the benefits of 5G in your home is adding a 5G gateway. Nokia has an out of the box solution for that, simply called Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway. The Nokia 5G Gateway is based on Beacon 3, but it has a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 modem that brings the 5G connectivity to your home or workplace. Finnish Telia and Elisa has been offering this modified beacon for quite some time, but here is a great video demo of 5G Home Broadband solution that Australian operator Optus is offering to its customers. The video is done by CCS Insight’s Ben Wood which explained the product.

The advantage of this gateway, aside from its obviously nicely build hardware, is in its simple setup. You don’t need to wait for technicians since you can do the job in a matter of minutes. Nokia and Optus even prepared a quick start guide that simplifies the installation. The beacon itself will signal you the best position of the gateway. But, to use this you need to be in a place with good 5G coverage, otherwise, you’ll be using it as a beacon only.

Source Ben Wood