Nokia officially lowered prices of Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 8110 4G in India

After Flipkart did it, Nokia also reduced the price of Nokia 8.1 at its official webshop in India.

The 4GB version of the Nokia 8.1 now costs Rs. 15999 (€202), or approximately 44% less than the original price. The 6GB version got also the price reduction, but not as big as the 4GB version. If you are interested in it, you can buy it at Nokia for Rs. 22999 (€291) which is some 28% less than the original price. Both versions of Nokia 8.1 are available in blue and iron color.

Nokia is obviously getting ready to spice up the offering of KaiOS running devices since Nokia 8110 4G got a new price in India which is 52% lower than the original one. Nokia 8110 4G now costs just Rs. 2999 (€38) and you can have it in black only.

If Nokia 7 Plus is still a great phone, Nokia 8.1 can only be better and worth of buying. Nokia 8.2, if it comes at all, could be more attractive with some advanced hardware options, but 8.1 will serve you well for years to come. I think the same for Nokia 8110 4G, which is a unique phone on the market and it can run WhatsApp. This phone could be the smartphone killer :).


Thanks Nokiamob lover for the tip 🙂