Nokia Pure design not coming to Nokia smartphones

Nokia’s announcement of the new Nokia Pure design has raised some hope among hardcore fans who would love to see a new design for Nokia smartphones. But Nokia Pure was created to follow Nokia’s recent strategy shift, and will be used in all software UI Nokia has developed or is planning to develop in the near future. If you use the Nokia WiFi app, for example, you might see Nokia Pure UI soon, as Nokia plans to update its current apps with it as soon as possible.

Since Nokia has not been clear or official about its plans for the Nokia Pure design style, and most of the content has been removed from the official website, some have speculated that Nokia smartphones could adopt the new UI in the future. Nokia has already said that its future products will use a new, refreshed logo, while all licensed consumer products will continue to use the old Nokia logo, which is more associated with smartphones, accessories and all other products.


Just to be clear, we have reached out to HMD Global, which confirmed this in a statement:

Nokia smartphones will not be adapting the recently announced Nokia Pure design. The classic Nokia brand has an incredible history in mobile phones. Our Nokia phones continue the great momentum associated with the classic Nokia logo. We are proudly building and innovating on this heritage.


Although I like the new Nokia Pure design and would like to see Nokia offer phones with their own UI, this decision kind of makes sense. Nokia continues to differentiate itself from smartphones and is turning more to B2B strategy. Brand licensing will still leverage something in the eyes of consumers that remember what Nokia stood for, a company that once ruled the smartphone world and connected millions of people.