Nokia now 7th on Don’t kill my app list

Once it used to rule the list, but after taking care of the “notorious” Evenwell software, Nokia dropped on the Poop rank of Don’tKillMyApp webpage. While some users are still reporting that Evenwell software might be working in the background, Nokia Mobile officially stated that with the latest upgrades the Evenwell software has been shut down and that it will be removed with the Android 10 update, of course on devices that are eligible for that update. The Adaptive battery app from Google is now taking care of the apps that are using the battery in the background while they are not being used.

Anyway, on top of the Poop list is now Huawei since it has rather aggressive software that kills all the tasks that are not whitelisted. The second place holds Samsung, and bronze goes to OnePlus. On the Don’tKillMyApp page it is clearly explained why some brand earned its place on the list. Nokia is on the 7th mostly because of the problem with MediaTek’s Duraspeed app on Android Pie (build 00WW_3_180) for the US Nokia 3.1 (TA-1049, TA-1063) and Nokia 5.1 is still not solved. Hopefully, that will be taken care of in the future since Nokia Mobile stated that it takes great care in making their phones secure and up to date.

You know that it doesn’t have to be the poop list. You can change the score label into Stalin, a horse or trash can.

Source Don’t Kill My App


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