It is official: Nokia Mobile is ditching Evenwell software

Some Nokia devices have outstanding battery life. For example, Nokia 7 Plus could easily go day and a half before reaching for a charger. That excellent battery life was due to some software created by Taiwanese company Evenwell that was blocking the apps in the background. Because of it, Nokia devices were high on the poop list, and users didn’t like that. With Android Pie, the Adaptive battery software was introduced. Its purpose is the same as Evenwell’s software, to extend the battery life of Android One running devices with a little help of AI. Still, the Evenwell software remained onboard of Nokia devices. Lately, some rumors stated that Nokia Mobile is getting rid of Evenwell software, and that was just confirmed by Nokia Mobile at the community forum. That Evenwell software was gradually disabled with the updates and even if it is still there, Nokia Mobile claims that it is not working anymore. With Android 10, or Q, you should not be seeing Evenwell software among other system apps.

Here is what Nokia Mobile said.

Personally didn’t care much about Evenwell software, but that Android One pureness was tainted a bit with it. Anyway, now that Evenwell is gone, do you like AndroidOne more or the same? Would you like to see more Nokia apps created by Nokia Mobile like in Chinese Nokia devices?


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