The rise and fall of Nokia summed up

Nokia throne

You might have, or might have not, read the articles and posts about the rise and fall of Nokia. I must say that Nokia’s history was turbulent, with rises and falls, but the fall in 2012 was bigger than the ones on the Niagara River. Anyway, Nokia was the king of the smartphone industry for a long time, but every rule eventually comes to an end. One Redditor posted a nice gif that shows the evolution on the (smart)phone market starting from 1994 and ending in 2018. This nice animation show how Nokia climbed up to the throne ruled the market until Samsung took its place in 2012. The graph is showing the number of shipped devices. It is also interesting to see how the number grew exponentially with mobile phones getting capable of ding more than just calls and texting.
Check it out below.

Evolution of the Global Mobile Phone Market (1994-2018) from Nokia


Also check this post where I left links to two great books written about the Nokia history and a great documentary done by BBC that depicts what happened to Nokia.