Video: Great documentary about the Rise and Fall of Nokia


The Rise and Fall of Nokia is a topic that anyone interested in the mobile industry has probably heard of. While people have studied the ways Nokia changed the mobile industry, I think that people will also learn about its fall and transformation.The press covered Nokia’s dynamic history a lot, I know we did at Croatian Nokiamob, and two books were written about the changes that happened to the market what eventually led to the reorganization of the Nokia we know today. One interesting title, Operatio Elop, was written by journalists that interviewed Nokia workers, and the other great book about the Nokia’s transformation was written by Risto Siilasmaa, the chairman of the Nokia’s board. I’ll leave the links so you can check the books yourself. While the Operatio Elop is free for download, the Risto’s one isn’t and you have to buy it on Amazon.

However, if you don’t have time for reading, you can watch an excellent video done by BBC about the Rise and the fall of Nokia, which is now available on YouTube thanks to the Educate Learning channel. I don’t know for how long the video is gonna stay uploaded since the channel stated it doesn’t have rights on it, but it is there now for you to check it. In the video, you can hear testimonies of ex-Nokia employees who are talking about the glory days, the fall and what happened after.


Also, you can hear Risto Siilasmaa speaking about how Nokia reinvented itself. Video is an interview done by CNN Money Switzerland.