Ramzi Haidamus: #Nokia #Technologies focused on four businesses. Fifth one not in plan, for now!

Nokia Ramzi haidamus

Ramzi Haidamus, CEO of Nokia Technologies, gave a brief interview for VentureBeat, where he talked little about the current operations of Nokia’s Department, formed in 2014, after the sale of Devices and services business to Microsoft. Nokia Technologies has recently opened an office in Silicon Valley , to be closer to the center of today’s technological excellence, what will hopefully give new light to their research.

Currently Nokia Technologies is focused on four businesses, Digital Media, Digital Health, licensing of the Nokia’s patents and licensing of Nokia brand. You all know that Digital Media covers everything related to Nokia’s new VR camera OZO, and all the other things related to this division. Digital Health came to the Nokia Technologies through the purchase of French company Withings, which develops digital health gadgets. Licensing of over 30,000 patents and Nokia brand licensing are two remaining business which will, with two previously mentioned, ensure this department a substantial funding for the future ventures.

Haidamus also mentioned that with these businesses, his department is trying to bring Nokia back to the consumer market, since Nokia brand is still very popular in the world. Precisely this gives us hope that we will see a numerus products branded with Nokia logo, which will be available to a wide range of customers.

He did not talk much about the future, indeed, mentioned that in addition to the current four business they do not plan the fifth one. Currently, the entire department is in the stage of constant focus on existing operations, to make them position better on the market. However, on question about future ventures Haidamus briefly said: “Everything is possible”. In fact, nearly 1,000 engineers every day working on new, but also on previously initiated projects which will certainly give birth to some future business. Which one is the question left for our imagination to run wild.